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Do you dream of a better you?  Therapy provides coping strategies and a framework for positive change. My theraputic approach will help you identify the source of your struggles and offer guidance and expertise. By creating a non-judgmental and safe environment, I can help you remove the barriers to your happiness. I am dedicated to helping my clients learn how to be anchored and balanced through any emotional experience. 





"Keri is a wonderful therapist- she is compassionate and warm, sharp and insightful. She helped us recognize our destructive behavior patterns, and gave us such solid, practical tools for communication, and connecting/building a relationship with our daughter. She really helped my husband and I develop new ways of thinking and interacting with our daughter that were not instinctual to us, but have been immensely helpful in improving our family's closeness, communication and well-being. Our daughter has also really bonded to Keri and feels that Keri "gets her." Keri has impacted our family's life in a very profound way, and we are very grateful to have her as our therapist."


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