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Are you looking for a therapist in St. Louis? 

I have always had a passion for connecting with and helping people.  While working with adolescents and families early in my career, I recognized the immense transformative value of the therapeutic relationship.  Trained in EMDR, CBT, DBT, and Trauma, I look to those modalities to guide my individualized approach for each client.  But, I always go back to my belief that connection, support, trust, genuine empathy, and respect create the  heartbeat of the process.

 I build rapport quickly and see the strengths in everyone who enters my office.   My style is warm and open.   I am skilled at diffusing stressful situations, building trust, motivating clients, and teaching behavior intervention strategies while empowering clients to achieve their highest potential. I have years of experience working with resistant clients who have previously been unable to engage in therapy.  


Career History:

Special School District

Logos School

BJC Behavioral Health


University of Kansas 1994-1998 BA Religious Studies

George Warren Brown School of Social Work 1991-2001 Master of Social Work